Show History


Chudleigh Show

With the first show held in 1889, The Chudleigh Show is one of Tasmania’s oldest shows. An annual event, showcasing and promoting the local agricultural industries. A genuine agricultural show with a focus on creating a great family day and showing the best of what the local area has to offer.

The Chudleigh Agricultural and Horticultural Society is one of the oldest in Tasmania. The Society was formed from a meeting convened by Mr Alex Oliver at his residence “Brookhill” at Caveside. He was appointed president and Mr Clement Byard was secretary.

The first show was held in 1889, and the Society has been active ever since with the exception of two breaks, from the outbreak of WWI until 1928 and then again for WWII, 1939-1945.

The first show was held on land at the corner of Gardner and Dry Streets and then at the recreation ground in Burnett Street for some years until the present ground was purchased from George Flowers in 1932.

Presidents Board

Mr A Oliver (1889-unknown) Mr C Shaw (1979-1981)
Mr E Oliver (unknown-1914) Mr K J Davey (1981-1984)
Mr T Rose (1928-1955) Mr A J Morgan (1984-1985)
Mr J Ritchie (1953-1955) Mr K J Davey (1985-1986)
Mr W A Ashdown (1956-1961) Mr G W Richards (1986-1988)
Mr L Tracey (1962-1963) Mr R M Jones (1988-1990)
Mr T W Flowers (1963-1966) Mr J W Broomby (1990-2000)
Mr E W Brett (1966-1972) Mr B N Claridge (2000-2008)
Mr R W Johnstone (1972-1976) Mr R J Dare (2008-2014)
Mr A R Cameron (1976-1979) Mr J L Smith (2014-